Our Design Studio

Customized for you

our in-­house dental lab allows us to create a customized work for each patient. At this system, our technicians do not work based on the impressions sent by the dentist. Instead, they interact directly with the dentist and the patient. They can discuss the shape, size, and color of the restoration face to face. So, our lab team understand the dentist’s instructions and the patient’s wants and needs precisely.

Smile Design Experts

Dental clinics use two different methods for the dental lab works: Outsourcing this service or havingan in–house lab. In Sonrisa Italiana we have understood that when outsource a part of the work,they can’t havedirect control over the quality of that part. Also, an outsourced work extends thetreatment duration significantly.

Understanding the needs of each patient and being able to materialize them accompanied by our medical team and laboratory technicians positions us as a leading clinic making veneers.

And in the end, the patient receives a totally customized treatment and smile design.


  • AKA Ceramic
  • Days Needed: 7 – 8
  • Lasts 25 – 30 Years
  • No Chipping or Staining
  • No Maintenance
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  • AKA Resin, 80% Porcelain – 20% Composite
  • Days Needed: 1 – 2
  • Lasts 5 – 7 Years
  • No Chipping or Staining
  • Maintenance needed
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