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General Questions

What are veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin shells that are custom‑made out of porcelain and permanently attached to the front of your natural teeth by a dentist. Often done as part of a smile makeover, they can instantly improve your teeth’s size and shape; hide stubborn discoloration (even tetracycline stains); and correct gaps, chips, and minor alignment issues. The result is a straighter, whiter smile.

You can get veneers for all your teeth or only those that bother you. Dr. Daniel Zabaleta, a cosmetic dentist in Barranquilla, says that if you’re considering only a few veneers, it’s “important to look at the entire smile and face for the best aesthetic result, to make sure everything blends and looks natural. In my practice we take a holistic approach, where we look at the entire face to see what works and flows best.” He calls this approach “honest aesthetics.”

Is it necessary to shave my natural teeth?

Although is necessary to shave your teeth, we use a minimally invasive technique to make your porcelain veneers or composite veneers.

What materials do you use?

Each veneer is made with 100% Dental Porcelain from one of the top two brands used by American dentists in the United States. Both FDA Approved, E.max Ivoclar®️ and Lithium Disilicate are the only companies and ingredients we work with. Each patient will get a printed Authenticity Certificate with a Lot Number and our Warranty.

What happens to my teeth under the veneers?

Nothing! the tooth under the veneer is fully sealed and protected!

Who is a good candidate for veneers?

You’ll need to be in good oral health to get any kind of veneer, so all issues that go beyond the cosmetic will need to be fixed first. Your dentist will examine your mouth, to make sure you don’t have underlying issues, like tooth decay. They may also take X‑rays, to make sure your tooth structure is sound.

Some minor misalignment is fine, but if you have more seriously crooked teeth, it’s likely that you’ll need braces or clear aligners before you can go this route. “We want cosmetic dentistry to last a lifetime,” says Dr. N. Summer Lerch, a dentist in New Haven, Connecticut. “This is most likely to happen when the teeth are in their proper spots.”

Anyone who grinds their teeth at night should seriously consider getting a mouth guard, to prevent damage to their veneers.

Are porcelain veneers painful?

No. In many cases the use of anesthesia is not necessary. You will leave the office that same day without any pain or medication.

Composite Veneers vs Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers and composite veneers are both dental treatments used to improve the appearance of teeth. However, they differ in several ways, including:

  1. Material: Porcelain veneers are made of thin, custom-made porcelain shells that are bonded to the front of the teeth, while composite veneers are made of a tooth-colored resin that is applied to the tooth and sculpted into the desired shape.
  2. Durability: Porcelain veneers are more durable than composite veneers and can last 25-30 years or more with proper care, while composite veneers typically last 5-8 years.
  3. Appearance: Porcelain veneers have a more natural and translucent appearance that mimics the look of natural teeth, while composite veneers may appear slightly opaque and may not blend as seamlessly with the surrounding teeth.
  4. Cost: Porcelain veneers are generally more expensive than composite veneers, as they require a custom fabrication process and involve more complex placement procedures.
Can I choose the color and shape?

You can choose from a variety of shapes and colors, as we have everything from the pearliest white to an extremely natural look. We pride ourselves on making sure your teeth are not thick, bulky or “fake” looking. Our philosophy is to achieve the perfect smile as if you where born it. However, we can create the color and customization according to your preference.

How long is the process?
Porcelain veneers takes two appointments with a gap of 5 days between them. During this time, you can vacation in Colombia. We can provide recomendations if need it. 
Composite veneers can be applied in a single appointment, where the dentist applies, hardens, and polishes the resin and you walk out with your new smile.
Will I be able to see the results in advance?

We put a temporary in your mouth called a “Mockup” so you can see how it will look with veneers.

If something about this mockup doesn’t look right, you can make changes before the permanent veneers are placed.

Where are you located?

We are located in Barranquilla, Colombia. 

What are the closest airports?

Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport in Barranquilla

Simón Bolívar International Airport in Santa Marta (Two hours to Barranquilla)
Rafael Núñez International Airport (Two hours to Barranquilla)

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Zelle, Wire, Venmo, Credit Card