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Dr. Daniel Zabaleta has more than 17 years of international experience in the aesthetic dentistry field. He specializes in dentistry, aesthetics and oral rehabilitation accrediting him as a world-class aesthetic dentist.

After performing the Zeta Veneers thousands of times, Dr. Daniel Zabaleta and his team have managed to develop a technique that mimics the naturalness and biological function of the teeth.

Dr. Z stands as a distinguished figure in the dental profession, and his exceptional contributions extend beyond the realm of dentistry to garner recognition at a national level. In 2021, he was honored with the prestigious Cruz Caballero, Orden de Democracia Simón Bolívar by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia. This esteemed award is granted to individuals whose services to the Homeland and virtues are eminently meritorious, and Dr. Z's commitment to excellence and service to Colombia has truly set him apart.

In 2020, the Chamber of Commerce bestowed upon Dr. Z the Mérito Empresarial award, highlighting his pivotal role in fostering the productive and commercial transformation of the Caribbean Region. This accolade serves as a testament to Dr. Z's visionary approach and dedication to innovation in his endeavors.

More recently, in 2022, Dr. Z received the Medal "Barrancas de San Nicolas" from the District Council of Barranquilla. This prestigious recognition is reserved for personalities or institutions that have notably contributed to the progress of the city of Barranquilla. Dr. Z's impact on the community, both locally and nationally, is reflected in these esteemed awards, underscoring his commitment to excellence, innovation, and the betterment of society.


Dr. Z is a distinguished figure in the field of dentistry, recognized for his expertise and influence in both national and international settings. As a leading authority, Dr. Z is a frequent lecturer at dental conferences and events, both within the country and abroad. His dynamic and insightful presentations make him a sought-after speaker, and his commitment to sharing knowledge has left a lasting impact on the global dental community.

One of Dr. Z's notable contributions to dental education is his exceptional proficiency in Composite Veneers courses. These specialized courses, conducted by Dr. Z, have garnered widespread acclaim, attracting over 2500 dentists who have successfully graduated in the last four years. Participants in these courses benefit from Dr. Z's wealth of experience and hands-on guidance, gaining valuable insights into the art and science of composite veneers.